About Us


DW Building Inspections is a full service residential and commercial inspection company with over 19 years of experience. We take pride in leading our clients through their inspection process by conducting a rigorous, impartial inspection, and providing a comprehensible report of the property’s condition, and supplying our clients with the knowledge they need to make a more informed decision about purchasing the property.

When a client is in the process of buying a house, so much information needs to be processed. So many factors need to be considered in a very short period of time. It can be extremely stressful! My goal as your home inspector is to help you focus on the purchase you are potentially making, to be a calming, yet informative presence. I aim to give you the vital information you need to make your home buying decision, but not to overwhelm with technicalities. I encourage all my clients to follow me around during the inspection to explain the components of the house in a way even first time home buyers will comprehend. I hope by the end of the inspection, I have properly educated you and prepared you to make your step in your decision. I look forward to working with you!